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AG Plastic Film

AG plastic is a film applied to the protection of crop greenhouses, or agricultural plastic mulch.SinoPlastic company’s agricultural plastic film using LDPE as raw material has high transparency, excellent tensile properties, excellent anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation properties, and weather resistance.

Agricultural film is a general term for plastic films used in agricultural production, including ceiling coverings and mulch films. It is mainly used to cover farmland, which can increase ground temperature, maintain soil moisture, promote seed germination and rapid growth of seedlings, and inhibit the growth of weeds, which has a good effect on improving the growth of crops.

There are many types of agricultural films. According to different functions and uses, it can be mainly divided into light films, multi-purpose films, insect-proof films, disease-proof films, degradable films, etc.


The Agricultural Plastics Film Features:

1. AG plastic film has high transparency, impact resistance, puncture resistance, and moisture resistance;

2. Agricultural plastic film has good weather resistance and thermal insulation.

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AG Plastics Application Areas:

There are many types of agricultural plastic films. We mainly produce greenhouse sheeting, hooder films, agricultural mulch films, degradable mulch films, and cold-proof films. They play an important role in agricultural production, protecting crops, improving the soil environment, and improving products and quality. Sinoplastic attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development and mainly promotes degradable agricultural films to customers to reduce their impact on the environment.

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