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Plastic turnover boxes can not only be used in logistics transportation, and factory production workshops, but also in supermarkets as display promotions and storage. It is easy to clean, easy to turn over, and easy to manage. The improved plastic turnover boxes can be placed on shelves, and assembly lines, and can also be stacked to save space. Plastic turnover boxes are widely used in machinery, electrical appliances, light industry, electronics, refrigeration, and other industries.

The plastic turnover box is light in material, high in strength, non-toxic and pollution-free, moisture-proof and moth-proof, acid and alkali corrosion resistant, hygienic, recyclable, and has good environmental protection performance. We can customize production according to the size and requirements provided by customers.

Advantages of turnover boxes and turnover baskets:

Durable: The plastic turnover box is made of one-time injection molding, with good gloss, good hand feeling, and long service life.

High strength: The product structure design is reasonable, and the load-bearing strength is high.

Good anti-slip performance: the bottom of the turnover box adopts various anti-slip designs such as square ribs, which can run smoothly on the assembly line.

Flatness: When the turnover box (logistics box) is used to store items, it should be used horizontally. In addition, the boxes and baskets can be stacked and placed in layers. The number of layers should be determined according to the weight of each turnover box. It should not be too high, otherwise, it will cause deformation of the turnover box (logistics box) at the bottom, thereby affecting the service life of the plastic turnover box (logistics box).

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At Sinoplastic, we manufacture custom Plastic Turnover Boxes that ensure the quality and safety of products during transportation. Enterprises mainly customize suitable pallets according to their use environment and needs. We offer a diverse range of pallets, from export to rackable, stackable, and nestable, ensuring the ideal solution for every requirement. Sinoplastic Group has thousands of plastic molds and can recommend suitable product solutions based on customers’ industries and specific needs.


Plastic pallets are not only suitable for stacking in warehouses but also can be used on various shelves. Meanwhile, they are suitable for containerized and unitized transportation of various items. What kind of plastic pallet to choose? Enterprises need to consider based on application scenarios and load loads. For example, the pallets required on heavy-duty shelves and the pallets required for accumulation on the floor will have different functional priorities. When selecting a pallet, you need to consider parameters such as dynamic load and static load and auxiliary functions such as anti-skid. 

Environmental Protection

The environmental performance of plastic pallets is also a topic worthy of attention. In most cases, plastic pallets can be recycled multiple times, helping to reduce the impact on the environment and comply with global sustainable development initiatives. In addition, plastic pallets can also be recycled and reused, reducing the risk of resource waste and environmental pollution.


The durability of plastic pallets is what every customer is most concerned about. Compared with wooden pallets, plastic pallets are more durable and can resist corrosion, mildew, insect infestation and other problems. They can also resist the effects of humidity and temperature and have a long service life. Because of its excellent durability, plastic pallets effectively reduce business maintenance and replacement costs. Sinoplastic’s plastic pallets are all made of high-quality PP or PE raw materials, which can ensure the product’s durability, strength, bending resistance, compression resistance, etc.


As a very important logistics tool, plastic pallets have obvious advantages in saving costs, improving efficiency, and ensuring product quality. Plastic pallets have a simple structure and are light in weight. They can be loaded, unloaded and transported efficiently, saving costs. Its practicality is far superior to pallets made of other materials.

Cost Savings

Proper use of pallets for warehousing and logistics transportation can help enterprises save a lot of labor costs. In addition, because plastic pallets are reusable and the excellent durability, they have a long lifespan, thus saving procurement costs.


Plastic pallets are designed to avoid sharp edges and are molded smooth and splinter-free, coupled with their lightweight nature, reduces injuries that may occur to employees during operation. In addition, Sinoplastic uses the safe and hygienic raw materials makes pallet can be used even in industries with extremely high safety requirements such as the food and medical industries.

Plastic Turnover Box

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Our products are designed to improve users’ logistics and warehousing conditions and increase production capacity, timeliness, and sustainability.

Serving customers in various industries such as food, beverages, daily chemicals, tobacco, medicine, cold chain, e-commerce, logistics, etc., we are willing to seek common development with our partners.

Safe use of plastic pallets


1. Dynamic load and static load parameters: Each plastic pallet has corresponding load requirements. Avoid crushing the pallet and ensure safety during transportation, the weight of the goods cannot exceed the load capacity of the plastic pallet.

2. Cargo stacking method: The reasonable stacking method should ensure that the load-bearing surface utilization rate of the plastic pallets is not less than 80%.

3. When plastic pallets are used with forklifts, the distance between the prongs should be widened to the outer edge of the fork inlet of the plastic pallet, and the depth of the forks should be more than 2/3 of the depth of the pallet.

4. When used on the shelf, it should be placed stably on the shelf beam. The length of the plastic pallet should be at least 50mm longer than the outer diameter of the shelf beam.

5. Choose plastic pallets with different functions for different usage environments. For example, in a cold storage environment, special plastic pallets that can withstand low temperatures should be used. we can choose pallets made of modified polypropylene or polyethylene materials, which have stable physical properties can withstand low temperatures, and are not easy to break.

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Tell us your demands information and we will recommend suitable product solutions. If needed, we can send samples as quickly as possible. Feel free to contact us by email or phone, let the cooperation process be faster.

At present, the most widely used plastic pallet size in the international community is 1200mm* 1000mm. How to choose the right size? We’ll make recommendations based on your usage.

We have thousands of sets of molds, which can meet the different customization needs of customers. In addition to plastic pallets, other plastic products such as turnover boxes can also be customized.

We have standardized products in stock to meet customer emergency needs. For non-standard products, the delivery time will be shortened to 7-10 working days.

Our products are made of high-quality raw materials and can be used for more than 10 years without intentional damage.

Before loading, we conduct strict quality shipment control. We have the own transport fleet and shipping agencies that have cooperated with for many years to ensure that customers profit the most convenient and affordable shipping services.

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