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Polyvinyl Alcohol Film

Polyvinyl alcohol film(PVA film), as called PVA water soluble film, is made of PVA film water soluble polymer materials that can be quickly dissolved in water through a specific film-forming process. Polyvinyl alcohol PVA film is a water-soluble, degradable, and novel green PVA packaging material. As an eco-friendly polyvinyl alcohol film material, PVA film is non-toxic, odorless, and harmless to the human body, has a good affinity with the natural environment, does not accumulate, and is non-polluting polyvinyl alcohol sheets.

Sinoplastic is committed to the research development, and production of various green PVA plastic sheets and environmentally friendly materials. We have a mature and stable Polyvinyl alcohol film formula and invest a lot of research and development work every year to meet the various requirements of different customers. Our PVA water-soluble film products are sold domestically and abroad. Currently, most of our customers for PVOH packaging are in the agriculture and washing industries. PVA film(PVOH film) product quality has been highly praised by customers. 

polyvinyl alcohol film
PVA film water soluble

The Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA Film Features:

1. The PVA film has good toughness and high tensile strength;

2. It is environmentally friendly, easy to dissolve, safe, and non-toxic;

3. PVA film water-soluble Oil resistance, corrosion resistance, static electricity prevention, elasticity and tensile strength, etc.

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PVA Film Application Areas:

Sinoplastic we devoted to high-quality polyvinyl alcohol film for sale and our polyvinyl alcohol film is widely used in the packaging of various products, such as pesticides, seed bags, fertilizers, dyes, detergents, laundry detergents, hospital washing bags, etc.

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