Food Packaging Film

Food Packaging Film

Food packaging film is one of the composite films, which can be used in various plastics printing packaging fields. We have a variety of leading formulation technologies to meet the different requirements of customers. This type of packaging film is usually composed of PET or OPP, VMPET, PE, etc., with high composite strength.

food packaging film
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The Food Packaging Film Features:

1. Excellent transparency and gloss;

2. High heat sealing performance and air tightness, etc;

3. Good toughness and puncture resistance.

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For all kinds of plastic product application problems, we can customize food packaging film with different formulations according to customer needs.


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Application Areas:

Food packaging film is suitable for all kinds of food packaging, such as cereals, beans, fruits and vegetables, rice, jelly, potato chips, and other snacks.  

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