Plastic Film

Plastic Film

In recent years, the market demand for plastic film has continued to expand and has become an important part of the plastic products industry. Plastic film has the characteristics of moisture-proof and oxygen-proof, good air-tightness, strong toughness, clean and hygienic, etc.Plastic film is widely used in agriculture, food packaging, medical care, daily chemical packaging, building materials and other fields. As people’s requirements for quality of life and environmental protection increase, the plastic film market still has huge room for development in the future.

Plastic film refers to films made of polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other resins. At present, Sinoplastic mainly produces and sells polyethylene film (PE film) and polyvinyl alcohol film (PVA film).

Depending on the manufacturing methods and control methods, it can produces polyethylene products with different properties such as ldpe film, and hdpe film. Because of its excellent physical properties, polyethylene plastic can be widely used in different industries and runs through every corner of daily life. As a polyethylene manufacturer with many years of industry experience and mature formulas, we focus on solving various packaging problems for customers and providing customized plastic film polyethylene packaging solutions.Advanced equipment, production technology and raw material formulas are key elements of plastic films. Different customers have different functional requirements for films. Our plastic packaging types are divided into shrink wrap (shrink wrap bags), stretch wrap, PE bags, food packaging film, protective plastic film, agricultural film,greenhouse plastic film,etc. .

More importantly, in order to meet the needs of customers in the agriculture and laundry industries, Sinoplastic develops and produces PVA films to meet the demand for environmentally friendly packaging. PVA film is a new type of green and environmentally friendly material, and its market demand is currently increasing.PVA film refers to polyvinyl alcohol film. It is a plastic film made from polyvinyl alcohol, a synthetic polymer. PVA film is known for its unique water-soluble properties, dissolving in water without leaving any residue. This characteristic allows Pva film roll to be used in various applications, especially in industries where water solubility is favorable, and is a product that meets everyone’s demand for green and environmentally friendly development.

Sinoplastic will serve customers with a professional and sincere attitude and provide various plastic film products.

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Plastic films are widely used in different industries because of their flexibility, versatility and other characteristics. For example, the packaging industry covers food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, consumer goods packaging; electronic and metal industry, medical industry, agriculture and fishery industry, etc. It is closely related to our lives and indispensable.