Medical Film

Medical Used PE Film

Medical film is a kind of functional composite polyethylene film and one of the raw materials of various film medical consumables. Common products include cold packs, surgical gowns, protective clothing, surgical drapes, packaging medicine, medical plastic bags and drapes, etc. Our medical plastic films are made of new, high-quality polyethylene raw materials that meet the requirements of medical and sanitary grades. During the epidemic, we provided PE medical films for major medical consumables manufacturers to realize the production of surgical gowns and other medical supplies on time and in quantity to help fight the epidemic.

medical used pe film
plastic stretch wrap

The Medical Films Features:

1. The medical films have clean and hygienic, good air permeability;

2. Medical films have excellent anti-pollution and anti-penetration performance; 

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Medical Film Application Areas:

Medical film is suitable for medical and health care, personal care, home care, maternal and child care, home textiles and apparel and other fields.